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Publication: Untouched

Publication: Untouched


Objects in time, space and history Katie Hill

The paradoxical proposition of Untouched is the active representation of the disregarded. Varvara Shavrova presents not a social vision but an objective observational one, which takes the subject close up and examines it aesthetically to create a rich visual fabric. Laying before us a vision of what is here and there, from the heart of China's capital city to a rural area of Ireland, Shavrova takes specific sites and endows them with visual form, through texture, shape, colour and light. In other works, she has investigated ancient archaeological sites in rural Ireland and a series of maps of Beijing which constantly shift their visual geometry over centuries of time, revealing the constant moving of human structures in history. Here, the images are framed as singular objects, as visual sculptures, standing alone, often devoid of a visible context. In the making of the works, hung in space, projected or shown as moving images, the objects are able to remain, preserved – untouched.

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